Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sometimes I can't help myself

I think I can add one more thing to my list of "What kind of mother are you?"

Sometimes I can't help laughing at my children. And no, I don't mean with them. Straight up at them. If it's hurting their feelings, I try to stifle it as best I can.


When I'm washing my child's blankie and he's bawling because he can see it rolling around and around...oh, so close...and oh, so wet...There's something cute and tragic and funny about it all. Charly used to be the culprit, but I got a chance to laugh at Felix for the first time this morning.

And who can't guffaw and chortle at this little gem:
I'm still laughing...


  1. I laugh at my kids too. Kids do funny things. And sometimes, when they get hurt, it's comical, though I try not to laugh. When Jonny gets out of the Air Force, you really need to move to Idaho Falls, so we can be mom friends. We are so similar in mom style, it's almost scary.

  2. I guess I'm the kind of aunt who will laugh at her nieces and nephews too. I'll just remember this and smile if I am having a hard day -- after all, what could be as bad as having to wear a brownie costume?!?

  3. hahahahahahahaaaaaaahahahaha. I love it.