Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We could all take a lesson from the Eskimos

You know how everyone always says that the Eskimos have so many words for snow? How many is it? Anyway, I guess that detail's not important, but it is an interesting fact that many cultures have numerous words for things they are constantly surrounded by. So that begs the question: How come we, as mothers, don't have a more expansive vocabulary to describe the subtleties of the following?:

*crying (you know, to distinguish the fake ones from the urgent ones, tired ones, hungry ones, etc.)
*messes left on the high chair tray (more on this later)
*laundry stains
*heart breaks (those of you and your children)
*differing levels of naughtiness
*creative punishments
*the mysterious shmear that ends up on your clothes at the end of the day

But also
*happy squeals
*the "I love you's"
*their need for you...
*our need for them.

What else are we surrounded by?

1 comment:

  1. There are plenty of words for poop and boogers. Probably some of the other ones too, if I were to give it more thought, which I'm not going to. :)