Monday, February 21, 2011

I forgot about this

Oh my. I forgot about this stage. My sweet little obedient boy's body has been taken over by an independent and defiant alien spirit. It showed up much earlier in the girls, so it caught me by surprise in Felix.

Whenever I ask him to please do something, it's now ", Mom." In a very matter-of-fact voice. He also yells, "NO!" and once in a while busts out with a, "No, never!"

So, to circumvent this brick wall, I try to remember to just ask him to do things instead of request. "Can you close the fridge?" is readily accepted whereas a "Close the fridge, please." is a definite no.

If anyone knows how to get rid of independent alien spirits, I will try it!


  1. Unfortunately, independent alien spirits stay. Although I think they're suppose to be that way in this day in age, the strong independent part. But fortunately they learn that with the loss of privaleges and consequneces, they should listen and obey a little better. I think you know this already, though:)

  2. William is now starting this phase. It's amazing to know that Felix is always just a month or two ahead of William. Whenever you write something that Felix is doing it is inevitable that William will be doing the same thing within weeks. AUGH. I hate the alien stage!