Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are Kids and Happiness Synonymous?

Don't you find it interesting that the most wonderful thing Heavenly Father could think to reward us with is eternal increase? Lots and lots and lots of children? Now, whether that means I will bear and rear children for eternity or whether it's generations that go on forever, I don't know. Personally, I hope for the latter. I don't think it would be heaven if I didn't graduate to at least grandparenthood. ;)

I'm trying to find that happiness with my kids now. Joy in the here and now. Joy in the changes. Joy when they grow up and out of certain stages, even if I love that stage. Just love. And happiness. Why is it so illusive sometimes?

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  1. I had never given much thought to the eternal increase thing. As much as I love my children, I don't think I would continue wanting to raise and rear more children in the heavens. Or maybe we will get a choice. It is heaven after all, right? I think happiness is illusive sometimes because we have this wonderful ideal in our heads, and very rarely does the ideal coincide with reality. I am struggling right now to find contentment with how my children are now. I keep looking forward to five years from now, when we will be able to do lots of fun things with the children. Instead I should just be content to have my toddler and baby and be happy with how things are, since they will never be this way again.