Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Right Brain Syndrome

Do any of you still watch House? Well, we do.

The last episode we watched had a guy on there who had had brain separation surgery. They separated his brain hemispheres for some reason that I can't remember, but now he couldn't control the left side of his body. It acted independently and did all sorts of crazy things.

Dr. Wilson suggested he announce to his right brain what he was about to do. Because, whenever he got up to do something, his left brain knew why, but his right brain didn't. It thought he was acting for no apparent reason, and resisted.

Probably too long of an intro, but I was thinking about how kids are probably like a cute version of a separated right brain half.

They have no idea why we do what we do most of the time...and it's probably really frustrating.

When Sam was little, I used to tell her what was coming up next, or what to expect in the new social situation we were going to, etc. I found this eliminated a lot of tears and frustration, for both of us. I still do this with her, but I realize I haven't been doing this with Charly, and I should be.

I also tell her what kind of behavior I expect. I think this also makes her feel safe. Like she has the tools to handle what's coming next. She's not as scared. This will come in handy when school starts in the fall.


Charly likes to be held a lot, and is always asking me to do so. If I stand up and walk into the kitchen, she thinks I'm completely ignoring her. But what I'm really doing is putting away my dishes so I can hold her. How would she know that unless I tell her? So, while it's annoying to announce my every move, it can be helpful.

Just add it to "my list of things that come out of my mouth that make me look a little crazy to strangers in public."

Also on the list: singing Old McDonald in the middle of Wal-Mart. Who cares?


  1. You do what you gotta do, right? When the kids are cranky, Mom is cranky. Better to just keep them happy, though it sure will be nice when they become more independant, just so moms can regain some of their sanity (hopefully).

  2. As a grown up, I still rely on people with more experience to tell me what to expect to decrease my anxiety about certain situations and the future in general (which leads to some frustration at times when the Lord just lets me wait and see). So I'm big on letting kids know---I think it makes a huge difference.