Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily Devotional

I realized after reading the Visiting Teaching message for August that something in my life was missing. And, in an attempt to organize my life a little more in the hopes of decreasing some stress, I decided to have daily devotional time.

Ever since getting married, my personal scripture study has crashed and burned, and burned some more. Reading with Jonny is going great. BUT, after reading this quote by Julie B. Beck, I decided some private time to commune with my Father and Savior was a necessity just to get through the day. I have already noticed the blessings coming from this.

"The Lord has told us that our time should ‘be devoted to the studying of the scriptures’ (D&C 26:1) and that ‘the Book of Mormon and the holy scriptures are given … for [our] instruction’ (D&C 33:16). Every woman can be a gospel doctrine instructor in her home, and every sister in the Church needs gospel knowledge as a leader and teacher. If you have not already developed the habit of daily scripture study, start now and keep studying in order to be prepared for your responsibilities in this life and in the eternities” (“My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures,” Liahona and Ensign, May 2004, 107–8). [emphasis added].


  1. Here, here! So true. Thanks for the great reminder. We are all in this journey called motherhood together, right?

  2. Ok, I SO identify with this post too! A fellow "crash and burner" as far as personal study since being married goes - and recently trying to get started again for my sanity and for my kids' sake =).