Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ponder and change

Sometimes I hear something that makes me think something that makes me think something else, that makes me realize I need to make some changes.

A few nights ago during scripture study I read this by James E. Talmage in response to "Let all men beware how they take my name in their lips":

"1. We may take the name of God in vain by profane speech.
2. We take it in vain when we swear falsely, not being true to our oaths and promises.
3. We take it in vain in a blasphemous sense when we presume to speak in that name without authority.
4. And we take his name in vain whenever we wilfully do aught that is in defiance of his commandments, since we have taken his name upon ourselves."
[emphasis added] (Quoted in Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual p135).

So any time we sin, we're profaning the name of God. Any time I raise my voice at my kids and/or am aggressive towards them in any way, that is a sin. Therefore, not only am I accountable for the sin itself, but also for profaning the name of my Heavenly Father.

Ummm....I better work on that.

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